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What's Crackin!?

Welcome to GNDpass!

We're new so excuse the mess while we get things straightened out and running smoothly.

If you EVER have a problem, email me!

Contacting GND

No matter what you need, we're here for you. Drop us an email and try and be as detailed as possible so we can better serve you. Email me here -->

If you know a girl you think would be great for GND, send us a couple photos and maybe her myspace link or something. If she comes on with us, you'll make a referral fee every week so yes, you win too. One thing you'll find about GND, we take REALLY good care of our girls, AND our members.

Another way to reach us is inside the forums. This might be one of the fastest ways to get us actually. You can also contact the GND girls in the forums too. Please don't creep them out by sending them photos of your cock, alright? :) lol

Click here to read the details so you can get into the forum right away!

Your GNDpass gives you access to the following sites currently: (there are more coming shortly)

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